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idk how they are in a tailspin cuz of one lose to the cards? Cards are playing spoiler right now they alost beat us. 9ers overlooked them and lost plain and simple. Its happen to the Ravens this year didnt see anyone saying Ravens where in a tailspin when we lost to the seahawks. Just the week befor niners shut out the Rams 26-0. Niners MNF home game against a banged up east coast team. I like their chances. Think they win it
-Alex Smith is who we thought he was
-they can't score touchdowns (3 for their last 19 in the redzone)
-the Oline is getting killed every week
-Patrick Willis is hurt and probably is out
- Frank Gore is playing hurt and not right

The 49ers can't score enough to keep pace with the Steelers, it is that simple. Just like when they played us, their offense will not be able to score more than 10 points on a top level defense. Their offense is terrible and don't let the record fool you. If thy played in the AFC they would be fighting for a wildcard spot.

They have far exceeded any expectations this year, and are a year and a couple pieces away from being able to compete with championship caliber teams.

I pray I am wrong, but I have been reading up on them the past week and things are not good right now in San Fran, trust me.