As if we needed any more Steeler ballwashers in the media. I mean really are there no other former players that are qualified? Am I going to have to hear his fat ass every damn day when I just want a quick NFL update? Looks like it.

ESPN is such a garbage channel at this point if they aren't careful they are going to lose what little credibility they have left. They just cater to large fanbases and that is it, even with their hires these days. The Tebow coverage is a complete joke, but again it is all about the numbers and he pushes the needle, like the former Steelers apparently.

7 minutes in and he is acting as Harrison's defense attorney, who could have figured that out.

It must be nice to have a huge platform like that to drive public perception about an issues you have a vested, biased interest in. I bet the Steelers do backflips every time one of these clowns are given a job on TV.