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    49ers Cards game

    Did anyone see the fake field goal play?

    They blow a whistle after the snap and say that Arizona threw a challenge on the prior play.

    The play was already snapped and SF would have gotten first down and maybe a TD. Then they claim a replay equipment problem. Arizona gets their TO back and SF has to replay the down and misses the FG.

    That shit cost them the game.

    You can see the play in the highlights.

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    Re: 49ers Cards game

    Too early in the game to say it cost them the game, but was typical BS officiating. I can't tell from the video how late Wisenhunt threw the challenge flag, nor do I know the rules about throwing the flag (whether once you throw it is the time that matters, or whether it is once the refs recognize it, or whether you can throw it a half-second before the next snap etc). But the whistle came after the snap for sure.

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    Re: 49ers Cards game

    They didn't see the flag laying on the ground, but it was there. If it was there before the snap, (and it obviously was)they could have done whatever they wanted snapped it kicked it whatever doesn't matter they have to grant the challenge.

    Don't see what the issue is, it just so happened to be a fake by coincidence on that play.

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    Re: 49ers Cards game

    My problem with it is the fact the replay equipment wasn't working?????????? The play they challenged was a catch and would have been ruled a catch on replay according to the announcers. They get their time out back and replay the down with the trick play obviously no longer an option. They couldn't get a view of the replay from somewhere?

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    Re: 49ers Cards game

    The replay equipment failed during the GB/Raiders game too..


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