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    Re: Todd Haley gone - next up?

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravens75 View Post
    The reason that I called him a fraud is that he's gone from being the players buddy to being like Randy 'Rangoon' Edsall and back. No one is going to respect you if you aren't consistent.

    He's mentor by all reports is Mike Tomlin but while Mike is respectful of his players, it is clear that he is the coach and they are the players. In addition much like Josh McDaniels, he's just too immature to handle such a high pressure position long term.

    He should though get another chance but he needs a few vets and some experienced coaches to support him better.
    He might have a tough job getting a DC job next season. It's his defense that really sucked. It reminds me of what happened with Mike Tice.

    If he was smart he would do what ever it takes to coach for the Steelers. LeBeau won't be around forever. What better place for Raheem to learn about how Tomlin does than working for Tomlin? That's what I would do if I was him.
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    Re: Todd Haley gone - next up?

    have to think Shanahan stays. they will make huge effort to get a qb (Peyton?).
    I'm sure Gailey and Garret get another year.
    can't imagine Norv staying (he's coming here to be OC, right!?)
    Caldwell may have saved his job...only to be fired next year. Morris, probly the same, tho I think it's 50/50 he goes. that 10-win season last year rose the expectations.
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