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    Packers - Raiders

    Rogers gets tackled in the 'act' of throwing - Original ruling on the field was a fumble, which Oakland picked up an returned for a TD ... during the TD run Oakland was flagged for a block in the back.

    GB - Challenged and the ruling of a fumble was overturned and it was ruled a incomplete pass. The penalty for the illegal block from the fumle return was assessed.

    Since the play became DEAD when the ball fell incomplete - how can you be penalized for a 'playing foul' when the ball is dead and in theory - the play was over.

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    Re: Packers - Raiders

    Because the refs effed up.. and because the Packers are like Brady and the Pats.. You have to beat them AND the refs.

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    Re: Packers - Raiders

    I wondered about that myself and was rather surprised that Phil Simms, in my opinion, incorrectly assessed the situation. That is usually the point where Nantz injects his assertion into the commentary. Perhaps, there is something about the rule that I am missing. I do not want to jump to conclusions.
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    Re: Packers - Raiders

    Simms & Nantz have become so enamoured of their own voices they have lost sight of what they have been hired to do.


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