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Ray Lewis said the same thing. He stated:

Yeah, I heard from the league and like I said they fined me whatever they was going to fine me,” Lewis said. “The thing is you definitely respect them trying to protect player safety. At the same time, it won’t change not one way I play this week no matter what the fine is. You can’t stop playing defense the way defense has always been created to play. When the receiver has the ball, your job is to disengage him from the ball."

But that is different, right? I really don't care if he, or any other player changes the way the play. I think the new rules stink for Lewis, for Harrison, or any other player making a tackle.
The new rule stinks for not wanting NFL players to have brain damage after their careers are over? Or wanting them to die young from suicide or dementia?

Football is plenty violent and exciting without helmet to helmet hits.

AND Ray and Harrison did not say the same thing.

They both said they would continue to play the way they always have.

Ray understands the purpose of the rule, and doesn't have a track record of helmet to helmet hits. He wants to disengage the ball from the player. That can be done with body shots.

Harrison has PUBLICLY said he enjoys "hurting but not injuring" players:

Form the Cribs hit:

NFL vice president of football operations Ray Anderson told The Associated Press that the league could soon start suspending players for dangerous helmet-to-helmet hits. The NFL is emphasizing a reduction in football concussions, which can lead to dementia and brain disease.

The crown of Harrison's helmet slammed into the left side of Cribbs' helmet as the receiver was running a Wildcat formation play, causing Cribbs to crumple face-first into the turf. He appeared to be momentarily knocked out. Because Cribbs was a runner, such helmet-to-helmet contact is permissible.

"I thought Cribbs was asleep," Harrison said. "A hit like that geeks you up, especially when you find out the guy is not really hurt, he's just sleeping. He's knocked out but he's going to be OK."


Harrison is not smart. Not smart at all.