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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    McNair can't pass to save his life, that much is certain

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    Special teams is playing well thus far. Defense needs to clamp down on the browns in their own end. Hopefully the halftime break let them catch their breath.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    Quote Originally Posted by ExiledRaven View Post
    McNair can't pass to save his life, that much is certain
    I know. You would think he would look a little better than that, even if he was new to the system

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    It's the typical ravens problem

    If we face a mobile QB that can buy time or that QB gets protection, our secondary will consistently be picked apart.

    The bright spot today is that Pryce is dominating his matchup.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    Ok, good defensive hold here. This is it. This is where McNair excites this offense and gets a touchdown. 14-10. I'm calling it now. Let's go Ravens!!!

    (Yes, I'm serious, not being sarcastic)

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    I hope you're right. We need points this quarter in a serious way.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    Alright offense. Let's try to get three points.

    Just show me something that says y'all aren't as pathetic as it seems.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    Crawl before you walk Stinger. Crawl before you walk.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    Looks like they took my advice on Rolle, believe I saw Ronnie Prude out there.
    ''You'd love to go on the first day but I'm glad for the situation I'm in,'' he said. ''Baltimore knows how to play defense.''

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    Oh crap, here comes the punting unit.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    From around the League:

    The bloodletting in Seattle hasn't let up. The score at the half is Seattle 35, New York 3. Eli Manning is 8/16 for 65 yards and 3 interceptions. Matt Hasselback is rolling along with 176 yards, 4 TD's and 1 INT.

    Philly has let San Francisco get into their game, it's only 24-3 now. McNabb has 232 yards and 2 TD's. Alex Smith has......well.......Alex Smith numbers: 9/19, 67 yards.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    NICE CATCH MASON!! 14-10, I'm telling you. Here it comes!!


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