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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    OMG, Dennis Northcutt again.

    I can't believe that their offense is clicking more than ours is right now.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    Why is it that we can't move the ball on this shitty offense

    and why are we missing tackles


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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    Winslow is a little bitch

    I used to like him b/c he was from miami, but now I'm hoping he ends up #1 on jacked up tomorrow night

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    From around the League:

    The New York "NFL" Giants (As Berman likes to say) are getting pounded by Seattle, 20-0. If you can believe it, Eli Manning is 1/5 with 2 yards and 2 INTERCEPTIONS ALREADY!! Hasselbeck already has 2 TD's and 1 INT on only 63 yards. That is ugly.

    In a "shocker" Philly is up 14-0 on San Francisco. Alex Smith is 2/7 with 8 yards. McNabb already has 135 yards and 2 touchdowns. I see that one getting worse before the half.

    OMG our offense sucks. Keydrick Vincent with a false start on 3rd and 3. And now we have to punt.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    I'm so glad we wasted 33 million dollars on McNair.

    I've told people time and agian that this system is a QB killer.
    "A moron, a rapist, and a Pittsburgh Steeler walk into a bar. He sits down and says, “Hi I’m Ben may I have a drink please?”

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    are you fucking kidding me

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns


    Our offense has cost us this game.
    "A moron, a rapist, and a Pittsburgh Steeler walk into a bar. He sits down and says, “Hi I’m Ben may I have a drink please?”

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    You have GOT to be shitting me. Touchdown Cleveland?????

    Right now Charlie Frye is actually outplaying Steve McNair. How the hell is this happening???

    Oh I have to do it. I haven't look on YBR since I got here, but I have to go peek. I just have to see the meltdown going on.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    if any of you watched the screen plays section on multimedia section it shows that exact play.


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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    I thought we had 3 Pro-Bowlers on our secondary. What the hell is going on?

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    This is garbage.

    We are getting owned by the Clowns. Charlie Frye....Charlie f'ing Frye is torching OUR defense. They have no running game and a sophmore receiver. Garbage, garbage, garbage.

    I predict bad things to come.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    I knew this was going to be amuch closer game than most of you were trying to predict.

    The Browns have a bend but don't break defense...make you work the ball down the field and count on you making mistakes...a Raven offensive specialty.

    And Edwards and Winslow are 2 emerging stars.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    frye looks amazing in the pocket, even after getting sacked on every possesion before that

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    I hear ya RIW, but what happened to our sparkling offense? Yet again, I thought McNair's presense was just going to lift everyone up and make them play better. Someone forgot to tell Keydrick that Steve was playing today.

    This offense looks just like last year's. The difference? Just a different QB.

    Oh look, McNair throws behind Mason, 3rd and 6. And another punt. Fanfuckingtastic.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Ravens/Browns

    im dead serious go look at click on multimedia and click on screen plays week 3.

    it describes that play exactly te and rb stay in to block and edwards goes deep


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