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Less than you'd think. The 49ers hold all the tiebreaks over New Orleans & would have to lose at least 2 more games to give up the bye. Their final 3 games are all in-division, though away, & only the Seachickens in week 16 have any realistic hope of knocking them off unless half the team lands on IR.

If you think Jim is going to do anything for John that puts his team in any jeopardy at all--e.g., playing players whose health is borderline--then you don't understand sibling rivalry. SF will play hard but won't take any unwarranted risks in the name of brotherly love.
Disagree on both counts.

The loss to the Cards puts SF in must win territory and if Jim has a chance to beat the Steelers but decides to rest say Patrick Willis and they lose it could have ramifications on the 9ers and the Ravens (can John deal with the pressure of losing yet another division title to the Steelers and having to play on the road in the playoffs only to lose).

In fairness to you I see you responded before Sunday's game but even if SF beat the Cards, I am confident that Jim would go balls out for his team to beat a club that he could potentially play in the SB and until the top seed is no longer a possibility every game is a must win.