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I agree with you about pass interference. Sometimes I think Flacco throws deep into double coverage because he thinks the can get a PI call. Lots of other QBs seem to be doing the same thing. Holding calls seem to be a lot less frequent too even though there is a lot of obvious holding going on. It's all part of the same thing.
I'm sure he does. He's not the only one. When you throw deep one of four things is probably going to happen. Two are good (for you) and one is neutral.

1) Reception
2) PI
3) Incomplete
4) Interception

Offensive PI on a deep ball is pretty rare, so there's little point in worrying about. Moreover, it's not that big of a penalty. Flopping the field or scoring a touchdown is more than worth the risk.

The chances of getting sacked go up, of course, and that has to be considered. You can minimize that by keeping the defense honest by running the football and using playaction to get the receivers deep.