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    Re: YO GREG- Is Tebowing an attack on Christianity

    Quote Originally Posted by Galen Sevinne View Post
    Let's hope if there is a god he is working harder at feeding the hungry and healing the sick than turning around the fate of a 1-5 NFL football team.
    God is interested in how YOU respond to the hungry, not in how you feel about His response.

    I ask Greg because he is the only other Christian here that I know of. We may differ
    doctrinally and on the phony TV evangelists but we're both Christians.
    You see, I don't know what is in the hearts of these TV evangelists so I am not going to call anybody a phony unless they are exposed as such.

    And no need for me to worry about them if they are phony. The real meaning of not taking the Lord's name in vain applies here and is why Jesus went off in the Temple on the money changers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Galen Sevinne View Post
    I have been to Africa many times. In fact I spent many summers there in my youth to visit with my mom who worked in Ethiopia for about 10 years. I appreciate greatly all relief work provided to the people of Africa. Unfortunately most relief work is in the form of mission work or as we always called it selling your soul for food.
    You miss the point. Christians are happy to feed the poor and I don't know of any that require conversion in exchange for food. If they do they are not following the teaching of Jesus. BUT . . . as a Christian as important as feeding the flesh is, saving and feeding the soul is more important in the ultimate sense. Expecting a believing Christian to not share his faith in such conditions is crazy.

    As for Tebow, I am sick and tired of hearing about him. I mean EVERY NFL Network show spends time talking about him. As far as people mocking him, if the world hates Tebow because of his faith it is because they first hated Jesus.

    “In fact, everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” 2 Timothy 3:12 NIV

    Some more than others to be sure and the mocking barely compares to what has happened and is happening to other Christians. But the mocking is to be expected, at minimum.

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    Re: YO GREG- Is Tebowing an attack on Christianity

    Great post Greg and thanks but we know where their hearts
    are: money and sex and these are proven facts.

    Jimmy Swaggert got caught in aultery - twice with two prostitutes
    that ruined his TV show. It's still on in some places. His cousin was Jerry
    Lee Lewis the famous rock and roller who had sex probs too marrying his
    12 yr old cousin that ruined his career. he was the king long before Elvis.

    Jim Bakker went to prison for fraud after building a huge amusement park
    and condos. He cheated seniors in a condo scheme and was like the Penn St guy.

    Paula White - plenty of money complete with IRS investigations and sex here too.

    Kenneth Copeland bought a $20M jet to increase the size of his
    personal air force such as: a) a 1962 Beech H-18 twin, b) a 1973 Cessna 421B Golden Eagle,
    c) a 1975 Cessna 500 Citation, d) a 1998 Cessna 550 Citation Bravo and
    e) a 2005 Cessna 750 Citation C.

    He was under investigation by Congress. See link for that also.

    For pic of Jet and private airport, click on link and scroll all the way down on right hand
    side. Also note Joyce Meyer's mega estate and the one she bought for her parents and daughter.
    Note all the pics. Religion sells and these cats are the best sales men and women in
    the world. Christ and the disciples walked everywhere.

    Joyce Meyers bought a cover for her toilet seat tha cost over $20,000.

    Benny Henn made over $50M last year from his faith healing crusdades
    and has skipped towns at least twice to evade income tax investigations and he
    said he was the "little messiah" long before anyone heard of Obama being
    "the one." He was seen walking out of hotel with Paula White holding hands
    amongst rumors of affair.

    Oral Roberts stepped off a train in Tulsa, OK with just the shirt on his
    back and came away with Oral Roberts University and one of the best
    hospitals in the world.

    It's the word faith message of wealth they all preach and it all
    started with Oral Roberts.

    Even Billy's son Franklin Graham earns over $1M year plust a $100 grand for
    housing allowance as director of Samaratin's Purse and the Billy Graham crusades.
    The guy who left him SP to run made nothing like that and even Frank said I know this
    doesn't look good, but he still does it. Billy got only $100,000 as the former head.

    Even Jerry Falwell built an empire with one of the largest churches
    in the country and a large university. When he died his sons took
    it over. One runs the church as Sr pastor and the other runs the

    I personally know Jerry or met him once, same with Pat Robertson whom
    I worked for at CBN in 1980. He got a bunch of businessmen he knew to
    set up CBN and sold it to the Chicago Tribune for $80M and kept it.

    The Tribune came in and fired everyone at our station in Atlanta. My
    boss who was the business manager ended up in McDonalds and I ended
    up back in the gov't at a low grade and had to re-work my way up
    the ladder. Robertson also owned diamond mines in Africa and sold them.

    It's all the word faith message with the emphasis on wealth.

    Religion sells.
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    Re: YO GREG- Is Tebowing an attack on Christianity

    C'mon Trap how could you forget our arguements over religion and forget that I'm Christian too. No problem I forgive ya.

    I argee Tebow does "overdue" thanking God and etc. I also find "Tebowing" to be disrespectful to Christians. I get you want to support your fav player but mimicking an act of prayer when your not actually prayer doesn't sit well with me. Fans putting Jesus on a number 15 Bronco jersey is blasphemy IMO. It all seem like a form of idol worship to me. Cheer for him cause he's winning football games and stop treating him lik he's the Messiah.

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    Re: YO GREG- Is Tebowing an attack on Christianity

    LOL - Sorry bout that Dade. I wasn't even thinking about you. Haven't seen you

    in so long. I didn't know Sirdowski was a Christian so I struck out again as usual.

    I just don't think it's Blasphemy. Tebow is bringing more attention
    to Jesus than anyone in the country right now and is getting ripped for it but he
    takes the heat.

    Great post and again, my apologies, man.
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  5. Re: YO GREG- Is Tebowing an attack on Christianity

    Quote Originally Posted by Sirdowski View Post
    I couldn't be happier for Tim Tebow. After watching the Jets game I realized the favor he has in his corner. I was
    a bit skeptical about his outspoken Christianity initially, because to often people like that get exposed as phony, but Tim is a different story.

    God loves to use the underdog to make himself known(Abraham, David, Paul to name a few). God will make the impossible possible to prove the knowledge of the world secondary to his word.

    1 Corinthians 1:27-29 But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong. God has chosen what is low and despised in the world, things that are not to reduce to nothing the things that are, so that no person might boast before God.

    Psalms 138:8 The LORD will perfect that which concerns me: your mercy, O LORD, endures forever: forsake not the works of your own hands.

    James 1:12 Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.



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