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    Re: SD/JAX MNF game thread

    They better hire the right coach or they're gonna need more tarp
    World Domination 3 Points at a Time!

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    Re: SD/JAX MNF game thread

    Quote Originally Posted by MountaineerRaven View Post
    As I said....I didn't read about it.....My father was told this by a seating authority person while he was buying his season tickets.

    As far as you not understanding why the NFL would do something like this...... My guess would be that the NFL gets more money from its tv contracts than from 7 sections of a stadium not sold.

    So if as you said, that you want to read more..... Here ya go...
    Thanks but that does not tell me what I was hoping to find -- something to back up the claim that they cannot sell seats if there was a demand.

    This tells me what all of us already knew.

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    Re: SD/JAX MNF game thread

    Pay close attention to where it says unlike the past years for the jaguars....

    Now I don't no how the vote went, but if it wasn't approved, than the blackout number set at the beginning of preseason would be held at that number and the tarps would remain even if there is a demand.


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