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    Happy for Willis McGahee

    I was always happy with McGahee here in Baltimore, and I know his being released was a business decision. And it's worked out for Willis. He's got another 100+ yard game today against the Vikings.

    I'm glad to see he found a way to become a feature back again. Very happy to see him succeed again.

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    Re: Happy for Willis McGahee

    I believe that I called this one.
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    Re: Happy for Willis McGahee

    I'm happy too - and a bit envious of the Broncos for having him. He and Ray R. complemented each other well.

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    Re: Happy for Willis McGahee

    glad to see him having a good year; he loves the zone read
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    Re: Happy for Willis McGahee

    Denvers offensive scheme and having Tebow at QB are making him look great. I have been told that a football player only gets so many hits in their career before their skills start to diminish. Sitting the pine for a while in Baltimore has helped McGahee in the long run. He has played great though and deserves all the attention he is getting.


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