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Why shouldn't I be tolerant of the United Negro College Fund, Black Entertainment Television, or Miss Black America?

White students are overwhelmingly represented at colleges, white characters are overwhelmingly represented on tv, and white contestants are (forgive me guessing here, haven't seen many) well represented in beauty pageants. I don't feel like I'm losing anything because of the existence of institutions serving minority populations.

Why shouldn't I be tolerant of minority organizations of attorneys, or accountants, or engineers? It doesn't bother *me*. I'm just a regular white guy, and regular tv, beauty pageants and college educations are already there for me, if I want them.
Whites being overwhelmingly represented at college and on tv? Could that be because whites are the MAJORITY in this country, and blacks only make up only 12%? Things shouldn't be 50-50. However, by the incessant pandering to minorties in this country (mainly blacks), you would think that those percentages would be different. Don't even get me started on the education issue. Education is MORE readily available to minorities. Higher education has become a joke.

Look, I think judging people based on their race is a horrible thing. I also think that creating exclusive groups based on race, affirmative action programs, and simple social promotion are also horrible things.

Creating a black quarterbacks club is only furthering racial divides (as others have said). Race will no longer be an issue until people on both sides stop making it an issue. On top of that, it all starts at home. No amount of federal programs and dollars will fix racism and the many struggles that minority groups experience. It's on them. It's on many minorities to establish a strong family structure and moral fabric.

Bottom line: I don't think creating a black QB's club or creating television channels for one race will repair much of anything. It simply deepens the divides.