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    Re: Tebow Thread (Merged)

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    Last time I checked he led the team down the field (with his arm, gasp!) to a distance where the kicker felt comfortable. He didn't take a knee three downs and then have the kicker come out. Did you even see the drives or just replay?
    True... but can someone explain why they didn't pressure him??

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    Re: Tebow Thread (Merged)

    Isn't there a saying like "You can only go to the well so often before it dries up." There's is no way Tebow can keep it up. You can win every game in the last few minutes and expect to win the Super Bowl. Don't get me wrong I wish him all the luck in the world but c'mon how long can he sustain it?

    What about this, how long of a leash does Tebow have? Lets say the Broncos make the playoffs and next season the magic wears off. How many losses and bad games will the organization and fans let him have? I posed the same question about Rex Ryan. When your winning no one has a problem with his big mouth but not when the losing starts. Same applies to Tebow IMO, playing like crap for the first 55 minutes if fine when you still win in the end but not when the losing starts.


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