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If the Ravens win the division, they will not likely see the Broncos in the playoffs. If Denver wins the division, it will likely get them the fourth seed, with Pittsburgh in the fifth.
A deep, dark, and very sick part of me wants the Ravens to blow the division and head to Denver for wild-card weekend so I can see this stupid Tebow saga come to a Suggs and Ngata-fueled end. Then again, if we lost to Denver I would probably drive to the castle and light myself on fire.

Well. Actually... how about they can be #4 and face #5 Pittsburgh instead. It might be fun for the Steelers to lose in the playoffs to a QB who can't throw the ball, as they already should have done to Mssrs. Palko and McCoy and possibly will to Mr. Smith.

After that, the Broncs can head back to Baltimore for a ten-year reunion of Shannon Sharpe's weird tip-return TD.