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The kid plays his heart out and is winning games. Not sure why that offends anyone. Would rather watch him play then some dink and dunk cookie cutter passer.

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I don't understand the Tebow hatred any more than I understand Flacco bashing by Ravens fans.

The kid wins football games. He's fun to watch. Why hate him?

No offense to those who oppose Tebow in the Pro Bowl, but I am shaking my head in disbelief.

Tebow's success is the most exciting non-Ravens story of the 2011 NFL season. I can't understand why any NFL fan would not share the interest of what he is accomplishing. Of course he deserves to be a Pro-Bowl QB (assuming that his magic continues).

Were any of you around when athletic NFL QBs made the game more exciting than it is today by using hips, legs, and physical strengths & moves -- not just their arms? Staubach, Tarkenton, Young, McNair, Vick. Tebow has the potential to be join the club of the greatest running QBs of my lifetime: Randall Cunningham and Greg Landry (who repeatedly called his own number).