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      Feb 2011

      Re: Superbowl Ring - Olive Branch

      I agree with everyone, Irsay will never change

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      Jan 2011

      Re: Superbowl Ring - Olive Branch

      The Baltmore Colts were a big part of my early sports thoughts and dreams.

      The Ravens are my sports passion now, but I just HAVE to rub Johnnys shoe before I enter M&T..........

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      Jan 2011
      Eastern Shore

      Re: Superbowl Ring - Olive Branch

      Whether it is Baltimore Colts or Ravens, no one can ever take away our memories of the Five NFL championship we celebrated here in Baltimore. Four with the Baltimore Colts and one with the Baltimore RAVENS!!! We are very lucky fans to have had two such great NFL teams to cheer for. When you think of it Baltimore has only had an NFL team in the league for a total of 45 years and we have five NFL championships during that time. It took the Steelers from 1933 - 1974 to win their first and only have 6 in 77 years of being in the NFL. Not a bad NFL championship winning percentage, per years in the league if you ask me......

      Ask any Indy Colt fan what it was like when the Colts won an NFl championship in 1968, 59, 68, and 1970??? What can they say?? Baltimore Colt fans own those Championship memories......

      GO RAVENS!!!!!

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      Aug 2006

      Re: Superbowl Ring - Olive Branch

      I don't care about the ring. I want the records and HOF display separated. At that point I will be fine. And not until.

      Manning should be setting Indy Colt records not breaking Johnny U records.

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      Re: Superbowl Ring - Olive Branch

      I'm with T and they're not like any other team that left. People in Brooklyn still hurt
      over the Dodgers.

      It was nice of Jimmy to do this but he could have corrected a big wrong by giving
      our name, colors and history back like Art did with Cleve but Jimmy refused to do it.
      Up til then I didn't have a problem with him and I know old Colts like Joe Erhmann
      thought he was cool. It was the old man but he showed the same colors by making
      the asking price too rich for Art to buy. He should have given the name back.

      Bud Adams changed the name of the Oilers when he moved them to Tenn and called
      them the Titans and went to the SB with them.

      Here's the pics of the rings. The Colts SBV and Ravens SB35 rings are amongst the
      coolest but as much as I hate saying it, there is no denying how cool that damn last ring
      won by Squeelers is boss sporting those 6 diamonds.


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      Re: Superbowl Ring - Olive Branch

      Quote Originally Posted by drdelaware View Post
      Read the article on #19 in the Baltimore Sun today and you will see why the franchise in Indianapolis is a fraud. Their fans suck - go get your own history. What, you all couldn't come up with your own name that reflects your city and state?

      Midwestern losers.


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