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    Re: Stevie Johnson TD Celebration

    The guy is a childish douchebag.

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    Re: More Johnson fallout

    Quote Originally Posted by DkBlue View Post
    PFT states that he will be fined for using a gun imitation which is outlawed.
    Meanwhile, the NFL runs commercials for Call of Duty during the game.

    Seriously? Hypocrisy much?

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    Re: Stevie Johnson TD Celebration

    Hilarious. I was still laughing after the 8th or 9th time I saw it on replay. Our country has way too many oversensitive pussies.

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    Re: Stevie Johnson TD Celebration

    Doing a touchdown dance of that nature: Funny

    Dropping the game winning TD pass after doing so: Priceless
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    Re: Stevie Johnson TD Celebration

    Stevie Johnson has dropped more game winning touchdown catches than anyone who's ever played the game.


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