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    I don't usually post on boards dedicated to other football teams, but I do like to read the forums for fans of teams the Ravens are about to play or who they just played to see their expectations and reactions to the game. The forum had a thread on the Thanksgiving game, and it seemed to me some of them were overly negative about their team. They played a hell of a game considering they'd traveled across the country in a short week, giving just one touchdown and three field goals.

    Unfortunately, my attempt to join the forum in order to give them my impression of their team- far more positive than most of the posters on that thread- was rejected by the admins.

    Dear bacchys,

    Unfortunately your registration at 49ers Message Board Community did not meet our membership requirements. Therefore your registration was deleted.

    49ers Message Board Community
    There wasn't any "why do you want to join the board" question or anything: just register with your birthdate, user name/password, and then hit the link on the email they sent you. Then you had to wait for a moderator to give the thumbs up or thumbs down. They don't say why I didn't "meet [their] membership requirements."

    Pathetic, imo. You can always ban a troll after he's shown himself a troll. Banning people without giving them a chance is weak.

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    seems odd, I mean they're running a business that gets revenue from clicks and views. Why ban someone who never posted? It wasn't like your username gave it away.
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    Thats really wierd. Did they ask who your favorite team is?

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    Same thing happened to me. I wanted to add a few pointers and notes to a thread regarding their future game with the Steelers, be quite respectful, but alas...

    I sent them this:

    Well that's too bad. I am a Ravens fan and I was looking forward to respectfully remarking on the thread regarding your future game vrs the Steelers.

    Your board, your rules. Too bad I wasn't given the opportunity to contribute before I was censored.

    Oh well.

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    It's a good message board, good debate and football talk over there, I browse lots of different teams boards but realy only post on gameweek when they play the Ravens

    I tried to register and still waiting for a mod to approve me. Over three days now, I've been overlooked

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    Unfortunately your registration at 49ers Message Board Community did not meet our membership requirements. Therefore your registration was deleted.
    Rejected :(

    And I used another username, I didn't even put Ravens in the name


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    (a) Of course they were overly negative; so are we, and for that matter so are the Steelers fans on their own boards, and (b) I can see why the gatekeepers would want to keep out fans from other teams.

    Their board, their rules, who cares. And there's nothing you could have said to keep them from being too hard on their team, just as there is nothing you can say here to keep us from being too hard on our own. It's normal fan message board activity.

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    a) Of course they are. I was hoping to let 'em know I thought they had a really good team. After some tough losses by the Ravens in years past, it's been nice to hear from the fans of other teams that the Ravens looked like a good team to them.

    b) There wasn't any "what team are you a fan of" questions. It did ask how I found the site, which I left at "other" or something like that. So they are potentially blocking Niners fans who've just found the site if they're not accepting new members after a loss.


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