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    Justin Bannan 9/24/06

    OK, a little setup here...I posted on YBR about the wisdom the Ravens have shown in making talent evaluations on players at an early enough point that they could both:
    1: Harvest value from their first 5 years
    2: Determine if those players would be valuable franchise cornerstones thereafter
    See "Franchise Management" if you like.

    In one of the great off-topic discussions of all time, the post degenerated into a debate about the value of Justin Bannan. I proposed we could all watch a game that was representative of his season statistically, and each post our subjective comments. Based on the yardage differential with and withut him in, the 9/24 Cleveland game and the 10/9 Denver game were both fairly representative. Someone else said they had the Cleveland game recorded, so I watched that one.

    BTW, I'm not putting down the discussion in any's where the really fun arguments originate. I'm posting my analysis here with a plea that we could have a "player of the week" analysis this fall where we each watch the plays for a single player and submit our play-by-play thoughts to a single thread.

    Anyway, you're caught up now. Let me know what you think of the POTW idea.

    Justin Bannan 9/24/06
    I rewatched the Cleveland game, and very oddly, I had not correctly tagged a play where not only was Bannan in the game, but he made a nice tackle (see below). Occasionally, the camera will zoom in tightly on the QB's helmet or come back from a graphic after the ball is snapped. It's usually not difficult to figure out the defensive players, but Justin got lost in a crowd, and his number was never really visible. I watched the rest of the game to make sure there was not another instance, but this was it. Anyway, I've corrected the error and added it to the spreadsheet. The game totals for Bannan were thus 5.8 YPPA on 12 plays.

    Here are the 12 plays as I saw them:

    Q1 1/10 Clv 14 0:27
    Lined up at RDE. He was double teamed in the midst of a 5-man rush which got no pressure. Pass went L and complete to Winslow for 11 yards.

    Q2 1/10 Clv 13 15:00
    After Winslow's taunting penalty set the Browns back, Bannan lined up at LDE. He was Singled up on the RT (Tucker), but got no pressure (nor did the rest of the 4-man rush). The pass was complete R to Edwards who danced along the sidelines for 12 yards.

    Q2 1/10 Clv 25 14:34
    Lined up at RDE and was undercut to his knees by LT Shaffer. Bannan's knees fell on the back of Shaffer, and he got up and pursued to the pile, which was a run middle for 3 yards.

    Q2 2/7 Clv 28 13:58
    Lined up at RDE. The 5-man rush got no real pressure as Bannan was chipped from LG to LT. The pass-off created a nice throwing lane for Frye to complete to Northcutt who raced upfield for 27 yards.

    Q2 1/10 Clv 26 3:41
    Lined up at LDE. In Bannan's best play of the game, he worked off the block from RG and slipped into the hole to take down Wright for a 1-yard gain. Very nice play.

    Q2 2/9 Clv 27 2:59
    LDE. 5-man rush failed to get to Frye, and Bannan was easily handled MTM by the RT. The pass was complete for 8 yards to Edwards.

    Q2 3/1 Clv 35 2:35
    LDT. This was the wierd play where for "production quality" the CBS crew felt a tight zoom on Frye's helmet would provide the perfect establishing shot. I missed Bannan originally, but have corrected as I mentioned above. He made a nice play while being blocked by the FB and the RG (I think, might have been RT), he reached out and tripped up Wright for a 2-yard gain. Enough for the 1st down, unfortunately, but a nice play for Justin.

    Q2 1/Goal Bal 1 0:29
    Following McAlister's end zone PI, lined up directy over center in a jumbo set that included Ngata, Gregg, and Franklin as well. Bannan submarined and was pinned to the ground by the center as Frye dropped back to pass, then ran the draw straight past the prostrate Bannan for the TD.

    Q4 1/10 Clv 20 14:56
    LDE. 5-man rush got good pressure on Frye, who threw incomplete short right intended for Edwards. Bannan was handled easily, but absorbed a double-team from RG, RT.

    Q4 2/10 Clv 20 14:53
    RDT. Bannan was single teamed and pancaked by the LT. However, pressure on the defensive left side was good and Suggs hurried Frye to an incomplete.

    Q4 1/10 Bal 34 7:42
    RDT. Wright ran off LG. Bannan slipped part way off a block from LT and stuck his hand out, slowing down Wright. Lewis and Gregg made the tackle after a gain of 3.

    Q4 2/7 Bal 31 7:01
    LDT. Bannan was doubled by RT and RG. Thomas and Scott lined up left of Bannan and benefited from that double, flushing Frye out of the pocket and forcing an incomplete.

    The good: Bannan showed versatility, lining up all along the defensive front, and always with a hand in the dirt. He played hard, and did not give up on any play. He played the run very well, as the stats would have indicated (5 Browns rushes for 10 yards with him in, 19 for 38 overall). He contributed 2 nice tackles personally, and this was his best game of the year for YPC (he was under 3 several other times, most notably 2.9 YPC on 19 SD rushes). The game lacked the single turnover or tackle for a loss required to be rated a 10, and I'd mark him down for being blocked to the ground twice on those 5 plays, but I'd say he rated a solid 8 vs. the run for this game.

    The bad: Bannan was blocked to his knees or the ground on 3 plays among the 12 defensive snaps. He was wholly ineffective in his personal pass rush, with contributions limited to absorbing doubles. He had no decent push, and he made no attempt to get his arms up and deflect a pass. To set the stage a little better, the Ravens decimated the Browns for 7 sacks on just 27 pass plays without Bannan in and went 0 for 7 with him in. On the 7 plays with Bannan in, the Ravens rushed 5 men 5 separate times. The Browns had 58 yards on 7 plays (8.3 YPP) with him in, and 198 yards on 33 plays without him (6.0). I'd rate his performance vs. the pass just a 2.5, giving him credit for the team pressure on doubles he took in the 4th quarter.

    Overall: You can't help but like the effort watching him again. I found myself rooting (note to self: don't waste effort rooting for old video) for him to do well the same way I'd root for any hard-working guy to succeed, but the results were what they were. He personally played the run very well, but the Ravens stopped the run very effectively both with him in and with him out, and they suffered with him on the pass rush.

    This was a lot of fun, and I'm sure no one is going to change their mind based on my analysis here, particularly from a game with such mixed results. I would suggest this season maybe we could do a "player of the week" breakdown. To me, it's much more fun to do for players with 10-35 plays than the every-down stars.
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