I can't believe my eyes. You initiated a poll? After years of denying that privilege to others because polls suck? Isn't this akin to supporting a Michael Moore movie?
Polls in and of themselves do not suck. But they are not discussion generators.

Starting a poll about who has the dreamiest eyes on the team sucks. As does a poll on who the best this or that is, there is no discussion generated and clicking responses bumps the poll to the top of the page over discussions with real responses. In this case the purpose of the thread is to get a preference, not generate discussion.

Dammit Steve (24X7Admin), you pushed that OBX visit back a week!

3rd Row, does either date work for you?

Now I am having a tough time. Maybe the 18th?

I want to try and accomodate as many long timers as possible.

The 28th is all but out with The Fanatic, LR and CY all out for that date.

Maybe the 29th?