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    Re: Purple Camouflage

    I would never wear them.

    They're too tacky if you ask me.
    WOW! I feel so fortunate that the Ravens did what they had to do to make this happen. Thank you. My Heart is with the Raven....My Heart is with Baltimore and its great fans. What can I say. Here We Go!!! --Ray Lewis
    No, Thank you Ray...

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    Wink Re: Purple Camouflage

    Quote Originally Posted by crazyraven View Post
    I would never wear them.
    I could say that people who refuse to wear camos are not true Ravens fans ... but I won't!

    Quote Originally Posted by crazyraven View Post
    They're too tacky if you ask me.
    Didn't ask you.
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    In a 2003 BBC poll that asked Brits to name the "Greatest American Ever", Mr. T came in fourth, behind ML King (3rd), Abe Lincoln (2nd) and Homer Simpson (1st).

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    Re: Purple Camouflage

    H and H Camping Supply at Franklin and Eutaw.. should help you..err your friend I mean.

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    Re: Purple Camouflage

    If your were really a raven you wouldn't question the power of the CAMO!!

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    Re: Purple Camouflage

    Speaking as someone who wears a fire helmet to the game and a FIRENDAHOL jersey I dont think anything is too tacky as long as its Ravens!


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