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    QBs and injuries.

    Is it just me or are QBs more brittle than usual? Is it down to no off season?

    Henne went down. Schaub's gone. Cassel's injured.

    Now Cutler's down for at least 6 weeks. Campbell of the Raiders went down.

    A couple of other guys got nicked up including Vick, Kolb and maybe now Hasselbeck.

    Peyton hasn't played.

    QBs always get injured, of course. However, this year seems to have a few more than recently, typically since all the QB protections have accumulated.

    Just glad that Flacco is so durable.

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    Re: QBs and injuries.

    Don't jinx it man!

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    Re: QBs and injuries.

    This is one aspect of the game that makes Ben Roethlisberger and elite quarterback, in my opinion. Neither Peyton Manning, nor Tom Brady, would last two seasons behind Pittsburgh's previous offensive lines.
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