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    Steelers Fan Forum Farewell

    Greetings Fans -

    As a Steelers fan (yes, with connections to Pittsburgh), and living in Baltimore, I thought I would join and participate in this forum after lurking for a long time.

    I participated in some civil, thoughtful debate, but I constantly found myself frustrated by the overall tone of the forum. I can take the hatred for the Steelers, Roethlisberger, and all of that, it is a Raven forum, but there is just too much disrespect on this forum to even lurk. If a particular forum is a place where anything goes, say so. Don't operate on the pretense banning is actually a possibility unless you are Steelers fan.

    For example, the registration process for this forum is offensive to, and directed at Steelers and their fans. After I register, and read a post, I see a member calling Steelers fans "fucktards" among other things. I then see a post by a moderator stating something to the effect that name calling and such will result in an immediate ban. What message does that send?

    Many posts degrade into Steeler hate posts, regardless of topic. I just cannot comprehend the motivation behind the hateful comments. The Ravens fans think the Ravens sportsmanship is better than the Steelers, and their fans are more knowledgeable than the Steelers. Guess what, all fanbases are the same. Our fans are better than yours, your city is a slum, etc. It is all the same. Ravens fans and players, Steelers fans and players, Patriots fans and players, etc. collectively, are all the same. The ebb flow of seasons might see variations, but we are all the same, just different colors.

    I participate in two Steelers forums that for the most part treat all members with respect. I will provide anyone who PM's me with those sites. There are a few posts here and there that are questionable, but nothing like some posts here on this forum. There is much hate here.

    The Ravens are consistently a contending team. Don't get down on Flacco (for the most part, when Roethlisberger does not have a good game we don't get all bent outta' shape, the next win is a game away), and be positive. I hope your team stays healthy, and continues to win.

    You might say "Good Riddens." I don't really mind, but to pursue and engage in a meaningful discussion this forum should include fans of all teams. Participation by fans other teams will enhance the richness of forum content. My perception, which could be wrong, is that many on this forum would be happy bashing the Steelers without any outside interference.

    I am sure this post will receive some snide remarks. Regardless, I won't respond. I may visit back in the next few days, but I think I am going to stay away contribute no more. Remembmer, we are just fans and can offer instances of what this player did, what that player did, this fine, that fine, that tackle, on and on . . . Black, Gold - Purple, Black, whatever.

    You beat the Steelers twice this year - hopefully we will see you at Heinz Field with everyone healthy and ready to go (and may he winning team beat the friggin' Packers).

    Until then . . .
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    Re: Steelers Fan Forum Farewell

    I will bite............

    I am a member of a Steeler forum and i joined with the thought that i might get some actual football talk. That was a huge mistake. The place is full of nothing but hateful bashing of other teams, players, coaches and fans of other teams.

    I have been told.............
    Begone troll
    You are a tool. What the [FILTH] are you even doing here. Your team just got smashed and you're talking smack? [FILTH] off troll.
    Find a toilet, insert head, and flush
    Raturd douchebag
    [FILTH] off troll

    Those are the nice comments.

    Ray Lewis is always the murderer. Harbaugh is a POS blah blah.

    I don't post here much but i think i have been pretty respectful to fans of other teams.

    Going into the den of another teams fans is likely to be asking for trouble. I didn't expect to be welcomed with hugs and roses. From my experience though this forum is much more tolerant of Steeler fans than their boards are of Ravens fans.

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    Thumbs down Re: Steelers Fan Forum Farewell

    Quote Originally Posted by Complex View Post
    I am sure this post will receive some snide remarks. Regardless, I won't respond. I may visit back in the next few days, but I think I am going to stay away contribute no more.
    OK, here's the snide: don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

    If find a neutral site where all the members are gentlemanly, let us know. I've never seen a Steeler site, or a national site, where Steeler fans engage in polite discussions with Ravens fans.
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