I was watching his interview on NFLTA the other day (the one where he was wearing teddy bear PJ's) and he said that he talks to Deion every Sunday.

Not so unusual but then he said he also talks to Ray every Sunday and they are good friends.

Is this why we dont see Johnsons acts such as the Pepto and the trash talk as much as the other teams? Seems to me that he has a lot of respect for our D and hes not going to try to piss off Ray and the boys.

I mean every time he plays Pittsburgh he says things like "Joey, Im comin" and "Ike, Troy Im gonna get you too," But you never here him say anything about Ray or Reed. CMac, yes. But I think CJ respects us more than any team in the league.

Just something to ponder on a pretty slow day, eventhough its Week 3.