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    Re: OTA Notes from June 6

    Great job with the notes. I love the detail of them, and the breakdown.

    Keep it coming!

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    Re: OTA Notes from June 6


    If you don't mind another question... I've read where Figurs has "dropped a few passes". I"m no doctor, don't play one on TV or did I stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night - but have the Ravens given the kid an eye exam? I can't believe that all pro-sport teams do not require a mandatory eye exam as part of their annual routine team exams for each player.

    I recall Patrick Johnson (sometimes stone hands) finally he and the team realized he had a sight issue. I was just wondering... if part of the drops could be visual related?
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    Re: OTA Notes from June 6

    Tony, thanks a million for the OTA report. As an out-of-towner, I very much appreciate it. I noticed that Devard Darling seemed to be doing well, and running good routes. I was glad to see that, because I'm also from the Caribbean, and want him not only to succeed, but to succeed with the Ravens. Last year, he had one great game in the pre-season, when Boller threw some long balls to him and he made some good moves and fantastic catches. But then it seems he just disappeared. I heard that his routes were not sharp, so it's good to see now that he has improved. Hope he makes the team. He's big and strong and fast, and could stretch the field.


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