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    Talking Media Watchdog

    I like this new feature added to the site. There is room on the web for somebody other than Ray Frager to critique the local and national media.

    Does it annoy anyone else when Anita Marks says "in a hot second" ALL the time? For some reason I can't stand it when she uses that phrase.

    What is a "hot second" anyway? Is it like a "New York minute"? Is there such a thing as a "cold second"? Is it longer than a standard second...or shorter? Now when she says that I just switch over to WNST even sooner than I normally would.


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    Re: Media Watchdog

    I love the daily updates on her haircut. I'm on the edge of my seat everyday.

    I believe hot second is slang for 1 minute.

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    Re: Media Watchdog

    Maybe that is Miami slang. Stupid me I am just from Baltimore and don't speak Marksish.



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