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    OTA Notes from May 31

    Ravens turn up the heat at today's OTA's

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    Re: OTA Notes from May 31

    I didn't see any mention of Jason Brown in either the note of those not attending or in the rotation of OL. Is he playing?

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    Re: OTA Notes from May 31

    Was Willis McGahee not there, or there and just didn't participate.

    And if he was there, why didn't he and PJ participate?

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    Re: OTA Notes from May 31

    Great stuff Tony!!!

    Keep it coming!!

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    Re: OTA Notes from May 31

    Thanks for the report Tony. Its good to hear Troy is doing well; I'm trying not to get too excited about him, but I can't wait for preseason.

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    Re: OTA Notes from May 31

    I'm very excited to see a few tidbits.

    1) "There seems to be a bit of a buzz on the team about Antwan Barnes and word is the players are referring to him as “The Natural.” He has an explosive burst and could be very productive as a situational pass rusher and a special teams player in ’07" ~ I can never find footage of his play, but seeing this and after hearing how indy called Rex Ryan and said "you got our guy" and went on to say they thought he was the best pass rusher in the has me very excited to see what he can do. He may be the next big thing in our linebacking core.

    2) It's good to see Troy Smith holding his own. Had to fight to play QB at all at OSU and took the job and never looked back. Nice to see him able to generally look alright in practice and make some good plays.

    3) Nice to see Williams looking more and more polished, I am really excited to watch this young WR tandem develop. Spider Man could be the biggest offensive steal outside signing priest holmes as an undrafted free agent.


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