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Thread: shut up guys..

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    Re: shut up guys..

    That 13-3 team was pretty damn good, I'd say better than this one until Mcnair decided to collapse at the end of the season. This team with a healthy Lee Evans might be better though.

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    Re: shut up guys..

    Quote Originally Posted by HoustonRaven View Post

    This board prides itself as being the premier board for the more discriminating Ravens fan.

    Speaking in text speak, poor grammar, bad spelling does not fit that mold.

    If that makes us quasi-English teachers, so be it and with pride.

    We're not going to compromise standards. That's the stuff of the Sun Boards.
    This, and thank you very much!

    HR, your post is succinct yet eloquent (am I layin' it on too thick here?). If I wanted to see text-speak and atrocious grammar/spelling from a bunch of teenagers, I'd go elsewhere. I'm quite pleased there's at least one online forum where proper English may still be found.

    Well, most of the time.

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    Re: shut up guys..

    Quote Originally Posted by LukeDaniel View Post
    My thoughts exactly.

    I never possessed the God-given physical abilities to play football in any capacity other than on a sandlot (I can throw a beautiful, accurate spiral for up to about 20 yards though;) ) My freshman year in college I was 6-2/150lbs, so the NFL was just not in my future.

    However, I think I've been blessed with a good mind for facts/figures/trends, etc. I use that gift to help promote the Ravens in every way possible, including emails to various nationally-syndicated columnists. Michael Silver of Yahoo sports has gotten a slew of emails from over the years and has even made mention of a few stats I've sent him in a couple of his articles. That's my gift and my contribution. It's not much, but it's how I feel like I help the Ravens organization.

    Personally, I think anyone who takes money out of their pockets to pay for tickets and commits an entire afternoon to go to the stadium and root their hearts out for the Ravens deserves to consider themselves a small part of the organization.
    LOL. You sound exactly like me when I graduated high school; 6'1 and 150lbs soaking wet. If I played football in college, I would have been a walking toothpick with a bulls eye on my back.

    I agree with your last comment about dedicating time and money, particularly people who purchase the PSL's and own that license/seat. It's a lot of fun being apart of the fan community at games, and can certainly make the average fan feel apart of the whole picture.
    A lot of the crowd mentality, I personally believe began back in the days of the Roman empire, with gladiators gaining the interest and admiration of the spectators. It was well known that there would be crowd favorite champions who would fight to the death. Although our modern days sports such as American football, soccer ( football ), hockey, etc aren't quite what the Roman gladiators were,although it seems it still inspires a sense of fan ownership when people take an interest in a particular team.
    I personally find the whole Roman gladiator time period to be very interesting. Perhaps that's why I enjoy watching physical sports?
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    Re: shut up guys..

    I tried to play D-1 Ball. :D Best I could get was an academic scholarship to Maryland with the opportunity to walk on.
    Disclaimer: The content posted is of my own opinion.

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