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You're getting spoiled.

Remember what it used to be like?

-2 in TO margin yet we still put up 29, against a good defense. We didn't start with great field position today so the offense had to manufacture the yards which they managed to do.

Flacco made a bad pass. The fumble wasn't totally on him. Our offensive line was putrid today until the 4th quarter.

3rd and 14 in the third, Joe hits Smith for 19. When the game was on the line, Joe made two great passes that picked up first downs.

I'm annoyed with the play calling in the redzone but I'll take 29 points every day of the week because that generally means we win by at least two TDs.
He's not spoiled he's just pointing out the Facts.

that wasn't a great offensive output. There should have been a 40 burger on the score board. We wont get away with all those Field goals vs a team with a lot of offensive fire power.

That said, i love the win. Defense did its thing as usual, I think Ray Rice is the best back in the league, or 1B. Flacco was okay, not great.

I love seeing Torrey Smith get involved like that.