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Thread: Where's Willis?

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    Where's Willis?

    Nice piece from Dev on how the Ravens might utilize McGahee to create more options on offense: WHERE'S WILLIS?

    Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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    NICE article Dev!! Thanks TL. I really enjoyed it and recommend everyone read it..

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    Re: Where's Willis?

    Pretty cool. 57 ways to leave your lover. 157 ways to line up your backs, receivers, and tight ends. Maybe even your loose ends and semi-tight ends.

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    Re: Where's Willis?

    Willis may be the factor that puts our offense over the top. Lord knows our defense has carried this team since Moby Dick was a minnow.

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    Re: Where's Willis?

    I Loved Willis McGahee as a bill, and now I'm in love with him as a Ravens. Match made in heaven. Never have we had 3 WR that were as highly truthed as we do now. Our TE's are great (Heap best in NFL). Our Line is looking good at this time of the years. Our QB proved him self a little last year and this year i can see him doing some great things. And Willis is the man no matter what play we pick. he can run in and out side, help us in the passing game, and i think i read something about him putting up a block on Ngata. I say tell all your friends to mark down the ravens in both the top 5 D, and O this year.
    What you talkin' about Willis?

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    Re: Where's Willis?

    Quote Originally Posted by otherside_of_tracks View Post
    ...and i think i read something about him putting up a block on Ngata. what he put up on Ngata does not qualify as a block at any level.

    You can actually watch it yourself (although I don't think you can link to the show directly anymore).

    Raven's homepage

    Multimedia -> Launch Media Player -> Topics -> Ravens Report -> Screen Plays -> Screen Plays: 2006 Playoff Bye Week -> fastforward to about 3 minutes into the show.

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    Re: Where's Willis?

    O yeah the breakdancing...

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    Re: Where's Willis?

    Ok so i read wrong. i'm sorry for giving any one a stiffy by tellin you he blocked Ngata. He blocked Ray but it wasn't for very long, befor the pass got away. but watching Willis with he dancing skills i don't think any RB would win that fight.

    PS. the media player now has a link bar so you cna get the link right off it.
    What you talkin' about Willis?


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