Hello from New Orleans!

The Holiday Inn Downtown-Superdome used to be one of the better choices in the vicinity, at least pre-K: clean rooms, decent buffet (though if you're in New Orleans, what are you doing eating at a Holiday Inn? ), and generally a shuttle to and from the Dome. I'm not sure of their status now, but I'd be willing to give them a try; I was a reservations agent for various hotels in the NO area, and the staff and rates at that hotel were always top-flight.

I agree with other posters about taking a cab to and from the Quarter from the hotel--not so much a matter of safety as a matter of distance. The walk to the Quarter seems short, but after partying on Bourbon Street for hours, the walk back to the hotel will become a miserable crawl. Spring for a cab; it's cheap, safe, and lazy. Why burn all those delicious calories you just put down at Emeril's or Mother's?

Please do ask if you have any questions about the city, about what's open and what's not, places to go besides the game, and so forth. I've lived here all my life and am always delighted to welcome more people to our city--now more than ever.

Really looking forward to the Saints-Ravens game; everyone here is psyched about facing a team whom we know to be a tough and worthy opponent. I'd be cheering y'all on if you were playing anyone but our Saints! :D