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    Re: MNF HANK WILLIAMS theme to be pulled...

    Quote Originally Posted by Ravenswintitle View Post
    If it wasn't for his daddy he'd of been parking cars
    That might be true.

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    If you look at the video, he was making a metaphor (albeit a poor one) and not a comparison.

    And this is getting moved to it's proper spot for a discussion of this nature.

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    Re: MNF HANK WILLIAMS theme to be pulled...

    Some notes.

    It was a stupid analogy. Mahmoud Abbas and Netanyahu are contemporaries and would be a better choice however I doubt Williams even knows the name of the Palestinian leader.

    What does 'Free Speech' have to do with anything? ESPN is a corporation. They can (and will) do whatever they want.

    Williams is a dumb redneck hick who hasn't been relevant since the early 90s. Good riddance. That song sucked anyway.
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    Re: MNF HANK WILLIAMS theme to be pulled...

    Quote Originally Posted by AirFlacco View Post
    I meant taking our freedoms away, not the millions Hitler killed and standing on Omaha Beach is a lot
    easier than fighting on it. I was drafted during the Vietnam War as a kid and trained to kill
    commies. The Army didn't send me
    over but I showed up. Reporting for my physical knowing that was the first step in getting killed
    was pretty freightning.

    A lot of students called LBJ a lot worse than Hitler and they called us baby killers.

    BTW, if you're a history student you should know that OBYs campaign slogan was the
    same as Hitlers: CHANGE
    You are letting personal politics cloud your history. Every administration can be labeled as one that takes freedoms away. I recall similar said about George Bush after the Patriot Act was signed.

    Just because others called LBJ or you names hardly makes two rights a wrong.

    Furthermore, were you to actually study the German Fuehrer's rise, it was based upon the hardship of the German people who were struggling as a nation under the weight of the burdensome Treaty of Versailles that was in acted in at end of World War I. The German people were impoverished and Hitler led them back to being a superpower. Regardless of the evil he committed, for the populace, Jews aside, the country entered a period of massive prosperity before their downfall in the war. Thus, it was "Change", but I never recall Hitler using the phrase as a slogan. "Germany first" was more the call as was the salute in his name.

    To argue this as Obama's version of change is completely asinine save for the word you using is the English translation of the ideal.

    My family fought in WWII, the Battle of the Bulge, came ashore at Normandy. I think World War II is among the most compelling and important things to happen to this planet and all of Earth's residents and should never, ever be forgotten nor should people who claim to be patriots toss around the events that occurred during that time with scant attention paid to the details. Implying I have no appreciation for a soldier because I did not fight nor get called to duty is a direct attempt to derail the discussion. I applaud your service to the country, but it doesn't make your politically motivated angst change history to fit a ridiculous comparison or the context in which it is being abused.

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    Funny. Fox and Fiends. I am sure their audience circle jerked the t.v. to those comments and ratings will spike. The more ignorant the more salivation and lost body fluids for that audience. The song was way overplayed, hank has long been old news. Maybe he will land a job as the fourth Fiend? He would enlarge their audience I am sure.

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