ok, since my draft i have made alot of moves on my team, just wondering peoples opinions if my team turned out better or worse? thanks for all the input ahead of time

After my draft this is what my team looked like.
QB- Rivers(4th rd.) P. Manning(6th rd.)
RB- Rice(1st rd.) Gore(2nd rd.) Blount( 5th rd.) Ryan Grant( 8th rd.) Tolbert( 11th rd.) Hightower( 13th rd.) Spiller ( 14th rd.)
WR- Nicks( 3rd rd.) Maclin( 7th rd.) Manningham( 10th rd.) S. Moss( 12th rd.)
TE- Owen Daniels( 9th rd.)
D- Falcons D( 15th rd.)
K- Rob Bironas( 16th rd.)

Since then these are the FA moves i have made

1. Dropped Payton Manning, Picked up Matthew Stafford
2. Dropped Bironas, Picked up John kasay
3. Dropped CJ Spiller, Picked up Rob Gronkowski
4. Dropped Jon Kasay, Picked up Jason Hanson
5. Dropped Ryan Grant, Picked up Willis Mcgahee
6. Dropped Willis Mcgahee, Picked up Nate Washington

I liked the depth i had but after three weeks i was getting worried about my RB production so i made a trade(risky but im a risky kinda guy)

I traded
Phillip Rivers, Frank Gore, Mario Manningham, Owen Daniels

I received
MJD, Arian foster, Matt Ryan

So now my team looks like this

QB- Matthew Stafford, Matt Ryan
RB- Ray Rice, MJD, Arian Foster, Blount, Hightower,Tolbert( plan on dropping him once grant it healthy)
WR- Nicks, Santana Moss, Nate Washington, Jeremy Maclin
TE- Rob Gronkowski
D- Falcons D
K- Jason Hanson

with a free spot on my roster. So better team now or better team when it was drafted?