Yeah, we get it, which is why you should not be surprised when any posts you make in the future get ignored. Even if you make what you consider to be a serious post, it will likely be ignored, because we will remember your "I like to stir the pot" posts.
You cant ignore me. You never could. You try but you cant. I said this before. Message board after Message board We've seen you say this before. You have no self control when it come to me. You alway say you will ignore me Yet we alway seem to see you writing post either about me or too me. You seem to take this shit way too seriously, we see it all the time. Look, Its just a Baltimore Ravens message board. We use smiley faces to get our points accross--well some of you do. Agains its a Baltimore ravens message board--Nothing more, nothing less. Say that ten times and let it sink in. Lighten up HW, after all this is the off season.