If Flacco performs poorly today (which I fully expect) radio callers and internet posters that are realistic and not kool-aid drinkers will go crazy, and it will feel like a loss, just like most of our wins last year.

I'm personally sick of his two steps forward, one step back. If this guy wants to win a championship and not look like he is sleepwalking through his career he needs to have a big day like these other young QB's.

But I'm sure Ray Rice will save the day, and it will be another 1 TD 1 INT 185 yard performance for old Joe and Cam. I guess we'll see. Joe's sharpness is usually evident right from the start.

Maybe it's just me, but I sure would like to see a QB carry this team for once becuase regardless of wins or losses or good running games, or strong defense, in today's NFL, over the last 5 years or so, and even more so now, it's all about how well your QB can perform. Withouth a top flight QB, you are sitting home each Martin Luther King Monday holiday the past 3 years scratching your head and wondering "what happened"?

C'mon Joe - time to show us what you have.