The 'NFL on CBS' Pregame crew just had a discussion about doctors signing off on players returning from injuries. They particularly discussed quarterbacks. The discussion led me to think to myself, "The speed of the game is just too fast". The league is going out of it's way to protect quarterbacks, especially the most popular quarterbacks. At the same time, however, they are promoting offense, especially passing offense.

The reality is that the speed of the game is too fast for quarterbacks to stand in the pocket and throw forty to fifty times a game. Eventually, they are going to take some hits. Now, I think that what they are promoting is actually one of the key problems for the quarterbacks they are trying to protect.

The league has to start by slowing down the speed of the game. This is one area where I agree with the league that testing for Human Growth Hormone is needed and that sufficient funding needs to be in place for continuous improvement of the testing system. We are not naive. We all know that it is a major issue in the league and that there could very well be popular Ravens using certain substances that are not tested for right now.

Captain Silver made this point a while ago and I agree, that the speed of the game would slow down with heavier drug testing. There is a reason these guys are taking what they are taking. I'm not saying that they can just take it and run a 4.3 forty yard dash. I understand that they still have to train hard. However, it is clear that the speed of the game is just too fast right now and if the league truly wants to protect quarterbacks they may need to re-evaluate their marketing strategies and push harder for HGH testing, among other substances.