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    Sun Article on conduct policy (Bart Scott . . . shhhhhhh)

    This was probably the 1st time I've read or listened to anything Bart Scott has said and felt like saying "shut up" or "shhhhh"

    Long story short, the article is about the conduct policy, and in it Scott is hating on Goodell and saying it's bullshit as a policy.

    Its sad for me to hear Bart say that because he's one of our model player-citizens, I think, and has nothing to worry about.

    In any case, at any normal person's job if you engaged in behavior detrimental to the company or its image, you can be fired. Why should it be any different in the NFL?

    Overall, its sad to see players in the league try to excuse or defend eachother's bad behavior regardless of what happens. On the plus, I guess thats the team mentality the NFL as a sport breeds, but at some point there has to be individual accountability. If I hear one more person step forward to defend Vick with an excuse for his behavior and putting it on his family/friends, or with a lame attack at the conduct policy . . . i'm going to scream

    All you need to do is avoid breaking the law. Why is that so impossible for some of these atheltes? And why would someone like Bart Scott feel the need to come forward in an article against a conduct policy which isn't any different from conduct policies at most workplaces?

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    Re: Sun Article on conduct policy (Bart Scott . . . shhhhhhh)

    I think Scott was saying that sometimes trouble comes after you, whether you started it or not, like in Roderick Green's case.

    But you're right, maybe he needs to keep his thoughts to himself. (or at least out of the paper)
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