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    To Our Fine Mods...

    I had a former board member write to me because he's still on the email distribution list...he labeled us idiots after receiving our most recent email alert. Here it is. Playing good cop I asked why he said that.

    He apparently still reads the board but has been banned. He claims that he was cut loose because of his criticisms of Ozzie Newsome. He also believes that there is more criticism allowed today than in the past and as a result he believes his privileges have been unjustly revoked.

    He said his user id was spy or spy007. His email address is

    I'm wondering if it's time to let him back in or is he simply a rogue sucking up just to join again?

    I told him I'd investigate.

    And so here I am reaching out to you...

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    Re: To Our Fine Mods...

    Not a mod but unless this guy had a different name that he was banned under and then rejoined as spy007, he's just an idiot.

    Spy007 is the only user with the word spy in his user name and has been a member since 7/21/2009. Currently his profile lists him as a newbie with 5 total posts. He is not showing as banned. His last activity on the site was yesterday at 11:40 am.

    Meanwhile his posts regarding Ozzie Newsome are still on the board, uncensored and unedited.

    Quote Originally Posted by spy007 View Post
    I like Troy a lot , but Joe is the man.................If Joe had some targets to throw to we would be serious Super Bowl contenders , as of now we are still pretenders ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a few quality personel decisions by Ozzie would go a long way to helping Joe become the premier q-back we need ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    Quote Originally Posted by spy007 View Post
    Yes the Colts are just a shell of their old teams , but the Ravens poor personel decisions by Ozzie will once again keep the Ravens from a siper bowl appearance...............the lack luster corners and receivers will show up Saturday night and Ozzie will again get in the way of the Ravens advancing to the super bowl,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Ozzie is a joke,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
    So unless a mod has more information than is available to us regular folk, the short answer is ignore that guy Tony, he's a crank.
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