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    Predict the Score: Ravens in St. Louis

    Now that we have all had the chance to simmer down a little on last weeks meltdown in Tennessee, it's time to break out those predictions. I think the Ravens of weeks #1 and #2 do not show up, perhaps something in between. This one will be a little close for comfort IMO. Ravens 20-17
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    Re: Predict the Score: Ravens in St. Louis

    Ravens win 29-20

    Offense rebounds but defense still has some troubles stopping the pass
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  3. Re: Predict the Score: Ravens in St. Louis

    it's going to be a tighter game than many think...With the Rams @ 0-2 and in front of their home crowd, they are going to be a handful. I see the Ravens pulling this one out with a score of 24-20. This one's goping to be a nail biter. :o

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    Re: Predict the Score: Ravens in St. Louis

    With Jackson's health in question the pressure will be on Bradford to carry the team. I don't see the Ravens as the kind of team that suffers letdowns lightly and I think Bradford can expect the kind of treatment Pitt gave Seattle last week.

    We'll give up a couple of cheap scores but I'm seeing this as a classic 24-14 Ravens win where the scoreboard is closer than the game.
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    Re: Predict the Score: Ravens in St. Louis

    Since a road shutout is unlikely: Ravens 20 - 10.
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    Re: Predict the Score: Ravens in St. Louis

    rams have had a hard time, not only getting to the red zone, but also converting. 1 TD in 5 trips. their top 2 rb's and 3 of their wr's are hurt. they also have a hard time taking care of the ball. bradford hasn't faced a hawk like ed reed yet.

    ravens will return to their brand of physicality and pound the rams into submission. ravens are pissed and will play like it.

    ravens win 23-9.
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    Re: Predict the Score: Ravens in St. Louis

    The Rams look to have their passing game going but if Jackson and Amendola and others don't play then they shouldn't have the weapons to beat the Ravens like Tennessee does.

    I think the Ravens offense gets back into a rhythm.

    Ravens 24-14.
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    Re: Predict the Score: Ravens in St. Louis

    Ravens 28-10

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    Re: Predict the Score: Ravens in St. Louis

    Why do you guys keep moving the score prediction threads away from the main forum? Seems kind of dumb.

    Anyway, I think we'll play better as a whole, but the injuries are piling up, espcially at WR. Dickson needs to step up as a viable full time receiver, and line up that way too..

    Ravens 20
    Rams 16

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    Re: Predict the Score: Ravens in St. Louis

    32-10 Ravens!

    no doubt in this game and 32 is the minimum the Ravens score..IMO.

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    Re: Predict the Score: Ravens in St. Louis

    I keep going back and forth on this game. On one hand, I think the Rams are decent despite being 0-2 and should be playing in desperation mode; but I also expect the Ravens to refocus after last week's letdown. Ravens, 23-16, in a game with a lot of field goals.

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    Re: Predict the Score: Ravens in St. Louis

    Rams 23
    Ravens 17

    Ravens out of synch right now....


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