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    Ohio Football Vs. Ravens.

    The Browns:

    Probably good enough to beat the Ravens if they don't come prepared.
    Still bad enough that it would be embarrassing.

    Cleveland seems to have the arrow pointed upwards. Although they still lack a ton of talent, they have a good OL, Hillis runs well and McCoy seems to be a winner, if not flashy.

    The Bengals:

    Cincy? Well, they are Cincy. Not sure what Marvin's got going on.
    Although Dalton seems to be a better than average rookie, I don't think he's got enough around him just yet.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?

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    Re: Ohio Football Vs. Ravens.

    I always dreaded the BenGals wi Carson. hopefully they'll be directional tech for a while.

    We're always a huge game for the Brownie fans. seems like they always play us close and I think they knocked us out of the playoffs a few years ago. they do seem to be upward bound. Colt looks like the real deal.

    from trolling their boards looks like they hate us a lot, but they all seem to hate Pigsburgh more.
    "Nothing stops these Baltimore Ravens. Beat them, injure them, shove them to the bottom of the standings, drag them into a hostile environment and mount a big lead, and they just keep trudging forward like nothing fazes them." (Bleacher Report)

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    Re: Ohio Football Vs. Ravens.

    I don't think either Ohio team is very good. The Browns seem to have a little life though, but nowhere near good enough to beat either the Ravens or Steelers this year.

    The Bengals are a joke.


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