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  1. Re: GAME THREAD - Week 2 - Titans

    After the early turnover when Suggs picked it up, I was feeling so sure we would dominate. Sigh.... this is going to ruin the week.

  2. Re: GAME THREAD - Week 2 - Titans

    One of the most pathetic performances/game plans I've seen in the history of the ravens. Harbaugh/Cameron/Pagano should walk home

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Week 2 - Titans

    I don't know the stats but the Titans 3rd down conversion rates and Britt's line must be sick

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Week 2 - Titans

    Quote Originally Posted by Raveninwoodlawn View Post
    Titans have absolutely dominated this game. This team obviously needed to be humbled like this after reading all their press clippings all week.
    I thought that too. The Sports Illustrated Cover jinx.

    Harbaugh should have had them better prepared for this game. The same thing happened last year in the 2nd game after a big W against the Jets losing to a bad Bengals team on the road.

    Reed and Foxworth have had terrible games.

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Week 2 - Titans

    But guys we beat Pittsburgh!

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Week 2 - Titans

    Quote Originally Posted by Raven Nurse View Post
    Damn, I feel sick!!!
    Join the club.
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    Re: GAME THREAD - Week 2 - Titans

    This game was beyond pathetic.
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    Re: GAME THREAD - Week 2 - Titans

    Great call on de-activating Chykie Brown today coach. When your high-paid-half-a-cornerback gets lit up, you have absolutely NO ONE to turn to. What would have been the difference in letting the rookie try to cover Britt when obviously Foxworth has no ability to?

    Why de-activate Tandon Doss if you have no intention of using Torrey Smith?

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Week 2 - Titans

    Flacco has thrown for less tha 200 yards.
    15/32 197 yrds. 1 td. 2 int.
    28/40 338 yrds. 1td. 1int.
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    Re: GAME THREAD - Week 2 - Titans

    As bad as our offense was today, our defense did them no favors. At all.

    Kenny Britt is a heck of a receiver, but they made Nate Washington, Javon Ringer, and Matt Hasselbeck look like all-stars. Incredible.

    Why the heck is Foxworth covering one of the top receivers in the AFC? Did they not CLEARLY see that he's not ready to be out there full time yet? Most of Britt's big catches came against Foxworth, including the TD.

    I'm glad we have Foxworth because we obviously need the depth, but put Webb or Cary on the team's best receiver. Don't put a rusty Foxworth.
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  11. Re: GAME THREAD - Week 2 - Titans

    Steelers shut out the Seahawks. Titans have rolled up 400 yards on us. Hasselbeck has not been sacked in 40 pass attempts. NO SACKS IN FORTY F***ING PASS ATTEMPTS!!!

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    Re: GAME THREAD - Week 2 - Titans

    I'm much much less excited about going to the game in St. Louis next week :(

    Damnit Ravens... now I'm gonna be disappointed all week...


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