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    Security will now pat-down from the ankles up

    Guess we'll have to be a little bit more sly about where we hide our beverages.

    Fresh off Sunday night’s taser-fueled fan violence at Metlife Stadium in New Jersey, the NFL will conduct pat downs from the ankles up this season.

    In the past, the pat downs went from the waist up.

    “The enhanced security procedures recommended by our office before the start of the season will further increase the safety of fans but will require some additional time,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told USA T0day in a statement Thursday. “We encourage fans to come early, enjoy their tailgating tradition, and be patient as they enter the stadium.”

    Apparently the league started this policy before the season started. Either some teams didn’t listen, or it just wasn’t especially effective in New Jersey.

    The Bills warn their fans to expect longer lines on their website because of the “enhanced pat-down procedure” that is a recommendation from the league.
    Since it says that stadium security was supposed to be doing this last Sunday - did it happen at M&T? Or were they still waist up?

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    Re: Security will now pat-down from the ankles up

    I didn't go to the game but heard it was waist up only kind of half hearted. Going to Titans game this weekend but doubt I'll attend many more this year. The at-home experience is just too good with HDTV, etc.
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    Re: Security will now pat-down from the ankles up

    I got a waist up.
    And they used the backs of their hands to avoid accidentally offending anyone...


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