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    Re: Colon to IR: Jamon Meredith

    Quote Originally Posted by NOLARavenFAN View Post
    Funny how quickly panic set in on every team message board including this one if you guys just cast your minds back to earlier this summer.
    Fixed it for you.
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    Re: Colon to IR: Jamon Meredith

    I can't see Harrison's back getting better during the season. If his back isn't right, the Steelers defense is in trouble. Harrison can beat double teams when healthy, not so much with Woodley. If the LT of a team can handle Harrison without needing help, then the double team will shift to Woodley. Without a consistent pass rush, that average Steelers secondary is going to get exposed. Every team has lynchpin players. Harrison and Polamalu are those players for the Steelers defense.
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    Re: Colon to IR: Jamon Meredith

    Quote Originally Posted by The Eternal Ring View Post
    I checked out a couple of Steelers' message boards and their posters are upset. They feel that Pittsburgh's front office arrogantly decided to return the same team, without upgrading the two major weaknesses of the team, the offensive line and the cornerback position. As of right now, it seems that they were right. They felt that the pass rush could make up for the cornerbacks again and that Ben could make up for the offensive line.

    One poster was upset that they did not draft Aaron Williams, the CB from Texas, when they had the chance.
    I think they would have drafted Jimmy Smith if he dropped.
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    Re: Colon to IR: Jamon Meredith

    Quote Originally Posted by wickedsolo View Post
    It wasn't just McKinnie though.

    They passed on Brian Waters, Nick Kazcur, Mark Tauscher, etc.

    Trai Essex filled in decently at RT last year. They could have done a fair amount. They chose not to because Roethlisberger doesn't "need" an all-pro line to be good.

    Flozell Adams is still available as well.

    I'd also like to point out that they used a 1st round pick on an overrated DL'man (Cameron Heyward from Ohio State) rather than going after a Derrek Sherrod or something.

    I'm sorry to see this happen and I'm sure come November if we beat them again this will be "THE reason" why we won, but they did it to themselves. They invested a ton of money into line backers and safeties, but no money into their OL and corners.
    Did Heyward even get a snap Also,
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