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    Who are your top 12 teams after week 1

    I went with 12 because that's the number of playoff teams but don't feel obligated to list an equal number from each conference or include all divisions. For me:

    1. Patriots - Brady looks rediculous
    2. Packers - Rodgers looks almost as rediculous

    leaving a space here because those 2 stand apart, at least for the moment

    3. Ravens - Dismantling the Steelers was impressive
    4. Eagles - Offense can be scary
    5. Saints - I'm not going to drop them just because they lost to the Packers
    6. Chargers - Easy division, easy road to the playoffs
    7. Falcons - Ugly start, but they'll recover, even if they have to wait until week 3
    8. Steelers - Hard to say how good the D will be. Older but still talented. O-Line in trouble
    9. Jets - Not a Sanchez fan, but it's hard to count them out with that D
    10. Texans - No more Manning, time to finally win that division (maybe)
    11. Lions - If Stafford stays healthy they could be a wild-card team
    12. Bears - I've got them here because they beat Atlanta, but the next 2 weeks could be brutal (Saints then Packers)

    I'm being a bit safe here by listing playoff teams from last year in the top 9 (except Chargers, but who doesn't expect them to win the AFC West)

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    Re: Who are your top 12 teams after week 1


    I put the Ravens ahead of the Patriots because they let the Dolphins put up point and tons of yards... The Dolphins...

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    Re: Who are your top 12 teams after week 1

    Cool. Same teams :)

    If I get enough responses I'll make a composite ranking later in the week based on everyone's posts.

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    Re: Who are your top 12 teams after week 1

    My number one team is the Green Bay Packers. To win the Super Bowl, with the injuries that had to persevere through, was impressive. Now, they are already showing how dangerous they can be when they are more healthy. Their defense gave up some points, but Drew Brees can do that to you. To take a quote from Ric Flair (Who likely took it from someone else), "To be the man, you gotta beat the man". Until then, the Green Bay Packers deserve to be in the number one spot.

    My number two team is the Baltimore Ravens. There were only two teams that have consistently stood in the Ravens way, the Indianapolis Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Peyton Manning is going to miss a substantial amount of games and, this past Sunday, the Ravens showed that they can take down the Steelers. Outside of allowing Antonio Brown to get a decent amount of return yards, they performed well in every aspect of the game.

    My number three team is the New England Patriots. That defense is still going to be a concern, down the stretch, but they do have the opportunity to progress as a unit, working through some of the changes (Patrick Chung as a starter, switching to more of a 4-3 defense and introducing Albert Haynesworth). Tom Brady looked very good last night, and will continue to do so if he is not moved off of his spot. The reality is that there are only a few teams that can move him off of his spot.

    My number four team is the Chicago Bears. There was plenty of anticipation for an expected, dynamic Atlanta offense. Those anticipating, have been kept in line to wait for their tickets to the entertainment, thanks to the Bears. Jay Cutler is still the wild-card for this team, but the rush offense and overall defense have shown their strength.

    My number five team is the New York Jets. This team has a knack for getting a victory, by any means necessary. The punt block call was excellent. Mark Sanchez made a mistake here and there, but played well overall. The defense held it's own against a Dallas team that, at full strength, can gain plenty of passing yards.

    I will stop at five.
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    Re: Who are your top 12 teams after week 1

    1. Green Bay - their offense is incredible. Their defense however didn't look too hot, but it was against the I can't judge too much.

    2. Baltimore - our defense clobbered one of the better offenses in the league and our offense demoralized the best defense from last year.

    3. New England - I'm not impressed with their defense and while Tom Brady is incredible, I think his outing was more a result of playing Miami than anything.

    4. Philadelphia - The weird thing is this wasn't anywhere near how good they can be and they still beat a pretty good Rams team.

    5. New Orleans - They can hang 40 on just about anyone. They were missing their best pass rusher last week, so I think that will be a big boost for them when he comes back.

    6. New York Jets - Solid defense and a good come-from-behind victory for Mark Sanchez.

    7. Chicago Bears - Matt Forte is a pretty amazing back. Jay Cutler was impressive as well. Big win over the favored Falcons.

    8. Houston - HUGE win over division rivals. If Peyton were there...I'm not sure it would have been any different. The Texans ran all over the Colts D.

    9. Detroit - When have they been anything in the top 10 other than draft position? If Stafford can stay healthy, they could make the playoffs for the first time since I was in middle school.

    10. San Diego - I know this is low, but hear me out. They lost their best DL'men (Castillo) to a broken leg and they lost their all-pro kicker (Kaeding) to a torn ACL. I think they're really going to miss Darren Sproles and against a terrible Vikings team they still only won by a TD.

    11. Washington - Never thought I'd be saying this. I'm actually kind of a believer in the Redskins. I don't think they'll make a whole lot of playoff noise, but I think that they could definitely get to 8-8 or 9-7 this year.

    12. Oakland - Hue Jackson can get it done. Especially when Darren McFadden goes off for 150.
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    Re: Who are your top 12 teams after week 1

    I'd probably have the Skins and Raiders in my top 15 at this point. They look like teams that could improve this season. But who knows! 1 week can easily be deceiving.

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    Re: Who are your top 12 teams after week 1

    Skins and Raiders are looking like top 15 teams right now.

    I'm gonna give the Pack's defense the benefit of the doubt. The talent from last year is there, can't knock them for what the Saint's did.

    On the otherhand, I can certainly knock the Patriots for giving up 500 yards to the Dolphins. That is horrendous.

    I'm not sold on the Jets at all. That was a very lucky win, and their defense let Dallas lay up a 24 spot on them at home. Sanchez looks like total crap too.

    Bears are impressive. Falcons not so much, but give them time. This sunday we'll truly find out what they are.

    Texans and Lions impressed for sure. They are both top 10.

    I'd put the Packers and Ravens and 1 and 2, respectively.

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    Re: Who are your top 12 teams after week 1

    8. Houston - HUGE win over division rivals. If Peyton were there...I'm not sure it would have been any different. The Texans ran all over the Colts D.
    I'm not totally buying Houston just yet. Yeah, Peyton or not, the Texans ran all over Indy. But we've seen that before.

    Week 1, Colts @ Texans - HOU 34, IND 24
    Texans had 257 rushing yards
    Season record? 6-10

    Week 1, Colts @ Texans - HOU 34, IND 7
    Texans had 167 rushing yards
    Season record? TBD

    Let's see what the Texans do over the next 4-5 weeks. They have games @ NO, vs PIT, and @ BAL before Week 6. By then we should know what they are.


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