I don't follow the O's like I do the Ravens. I'm a casual fan of the O's, you might say. So I don't feel the despair I would if the Ravens were woeful.

Reading about the Orioles almost feels like conducting a science experiment. How many different ways are there to lose a game? Every night it seems like they find another one. God, it must be depressing for the guys who really bleed the black and orange.

Today's recipe: Take a 4-3 lead with one out into the ninth and turn the ball over to your closer, Kevin Gregg. Who surrenders the lead and the game with, among other things, a wild pitch and a hit batsman. The batsman he hits? A former Oriole pitcher.

It's like a train wreck, this organization. I feel like a rubbernecker watching it implode every year: I want to look away but I can't.