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    Jax Tix

    If anyone is interested I have have a few LL tix avail for the Jax MNF game

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    Re: Jax Tix

    Section, row, seat numbers? And price?
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    Re: Jax Tix

    Mr. T,

    They are in our Group Sec.125 Lower EndZone they are the Group Rate $70ea

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    Re: Jax Tix

    How many do you have and what row?

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    Re: Jax Tix

    Still available? How many?
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    Re: Jax Tix

    still have 5 (maybe 6) in our Group
    Have 6 dicounted rooms avail too if anyone needs one

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    Re: Jax Tix

    I Still have 3 left if anyone still needs Tix

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    Re: Jax Tix

    Where are the seats?? I just got a text for 2 more people. Also, if you need a tailgate party -- here you go!!

    Hello Ravens fans -- We have a tailgate party open for you and your friends in Jacksonville this weekend! It will be at a tailgate lot and include BBQ pork, Chicken, beans, macaroni, beer and more! Cost is only $40 per person.

    Also, you are also welcome to come to our Sunday NFL party. We will be going to a local pub with a VIP section for our group to watch some of the 1:00, 4:00 games and 8:30 p.m. game if you'd like. Party will include an AYCE buffet starting at 11 a.m. with 8 ft sub sandwiches, wings, chili dogs, nachos, and more! Special drink prices for Ravenette's group include 2 for 1 well, $3 Bloody Mary's, $3 mimosos and more!

    Both parties (Sunday afternoon NFL party and Monday tailgate party) are both only $50 per person. Please sign up asap!

    If you plan to attend both parties, please feel free to join us for our Saturday Night Dance Party!! group will have free admission and the 1st drink is on Ravenette. We will have a VIP Seating Section upstairs just for our group to watch over the dance floor.

    Please call, text or email for further information. We will paint Jacksonville Purple again!!!

    Cheers -- hope to see you all this weekend!

    Sherry "Ravenette"
    (727) 744-7824
    [email protected]

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