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    2011 NFL predix

    AFC East
    1) Patriots. . win 12 in reg season, lose playoffs. whatever.
    2) Jets. . like their coach, they're colorful, dangerous, a bit unpredictable.
    3) Bills. . no qb but they have a rb
    4) Dolphins. . ugh could be a disaster season

    AFC North
    1) Ravens. . new pieces on O, new pieces on D, great kickers, good coaches...a lot to like. yay!
    2) Stoolers. . aging D. they can't possibly get as many breaks and calls as last year...can they?
    3) Browns. . things looking a bit brighter in Clevetown
    4) Bungles. . unless Dalton is the next Joe Montana...and he isn't. four wins?

    AFC West
    1) Chargers. . big year, or massive (norv turner) changes
    2) Chefs. . regressing?
    3) Raiders. . Lord only knows what these guys will do
    4) Broncos. . starting over. blah.

    AFC South
    1) Houston. . they were getting close anyway. Wade P average HC, great as DC.
    2) Tenn. . they sort of have a qb.
    3) Indi. . depends on when/if Peyton returns.
    4) Jags. . Del Rio? tv booth next year.

    NFC East
    1) Eagles. . they hope they can keep Vick in one piece
    2) Giants . injured on D. very sound team
    3) Cowboys. . hard to get used to rooting for them as underdogs
    4) Skins. . all summer I heard Beck Beck Beck. what happened?

    NFC North
    1) Packers. . big-time team. look out.
    2) Bears. . good, but not last-year good
    3) Lions. . the roar gets some restoar
    4) Vikings. . not quite a train wreck. not quite...

    NFC West
    1) Arizona. . is Kolb the real deal at qb? yepper.
    2) Seattle. . better than last year, except at qb
    3) St Louis. . progressing
    4) San Fran. . regressing. who's the qb? Luck? oh, not drafted yet.

    NFC South
    1) Saints. . good, good, very good team, solid and talented. and hungry
    2) Falcons. . another very good team.
    3) Tampa Bay. . stuck in a good division. .500 I think
    4) Carolina. . 4 wins maybe? duck, Cam!
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