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Thread: 2011 NFL predix

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    2011 NFL predix

    AFC East
    1) Patriots. . win 12 in reg season, lose playoffs. whatever.
    2) Jets. . like their coach, they're colorful, dangerous, a bit unpredictable.
    3) Bills. . no qb but they have a rb
    4) Dolphins. . ugh could be a disaster season

    AFC North
    1) Ravens. . new pieces on O, new pieces on D, great kickers, good coaches...a lot to like. yay!
    2) Stoolers. . aging D. they can't possibly get as many breaks and calls as last year...can they?
    3) Browns. . things looking a bit brighter in Clevetown
    4) Bungles. . unless Dalton is the next Joe Montana...and he isn't. four wins?

    AFC West
    1) Chargers. . big year, or massive (norv turner) changes
    2) Chefs. . regressing?
    3) Raiders. . Lord only knows what these guys will do
    4) Broncos. . starting over. blah.

    AFC South
    1) Houston. . they were getting close anyway. Wade P average HC, great as DC.
    2) Tenn. . they sort of have a qb.
    3) Indi. . depends on when/if Peyton returns.
    4) Jags. . Del Rio? tv booth next year.

    NFC East
    1) Eagles. . they hope they can keep Vick in one piece
    2) Giants . injured on D. very sound team
    3) Cowboys. . hard to get used to rooting for them as underdogs
    4) Skins. . all summer I heard Beck Beck Beck. what happened?

    NFC North
    1) Packers. . big-time team. look out.
    2) Bears. . good, but not last-year good
    3) Lions. . the roar gets some restoar
    4) Vikings. . not quite a train wreck. not quite...

    NFC West
    1) Arizona. . is Kolb the real deal at qb? yepper.
    2) Seattle. . better than last year, except at qb
    3) St Louis. . progressing
    4) San Fran. . regressing. who's the qb? Luck? oh, not drafted yet.

    NFC South
    1) Saints. . good, good, very good team, solid and talented. and hungry
    2) Falcons. . another very good team.
    3) Tampa Bay. . stuck in a good division. .500 I think
    4) Carolina. . 4 wins maybe? duck, Cam!
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    Re: 2011 NFL predix

    Pretty good. I agree with most.

    AFC South: any of the bottom 3 may finish in any order (if Peyton misses the entire season). Titans are a bad team which lost their QB. Jaguars are a bad team which lost their QB. Colts are probably not as bad (w/o Peyton), but Collins is ancient.

    NFC West: Don't be astonished to see this entire division finish in a 4-way tie at 6-10 or 7-9.
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    Re: 2011 NFL predix

    Quote Originally Posted by Mista T View Post
    NFC West: Don't be astonished to see this entire division finish in a 4-way tie at 6-10 or 7-9.
    hee hee

    I think the Cards wi Kolb will do well. they could win 5-6 games in division

    'cuda, the Bears are real tough to figure. with the personalites there they could implode. I wonder if Lovie Smith has worn out his welcome, not to mention Martz.

    Bills/Dolphins? you're right. flip a coin.
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    Re: 2011 NFL predix

    The only changes I'd make would be:

    Switch the Bills and Dolphins. (Both are crap, but Bills lost Evans, one of their better WR)
    Switch the Bears and Lions. (I think the Lions will really start to come on this year)
    Switch the Seahawks and Rams. (Same as the Lions)

    Other than those 3 changes, I agree with everything else you wrote.

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    Re: 2011 NFL predix

    at the 1/4 mark...
    Surprises (good); Lions, Titans, Bengals, and esp Bills and 49ers. San Fran has almost clinched the NFCW already.
    Surprises (bad) Pheagles 1-4? and the J-e-t-s not much better.
    Skins could win NFCE. Philly stinks, Cowboys live and die wi their Jekyll/Hyde qb. Giants? lost at home to Seahawks. well, everybody has a bad day sometime (ask the suicide poolers)
    we knew the ex-Baltimore Colts would struggle, but 0fer? looking competitive anyway...I really thought the Cards would be at least a .500 team...any bets the Dolphins will fire their coach first (whoever he is?)...the farcking Stoolers still winning, and wi their sched they're pretty much a lock for 10+ wins, unless the molester gets really hurt, which is possible...Falcons could be left out of playoffs wi Lions doing well, but I doubt the NFCE geets a wild card as they'll beat up on each other, so Atlanta could sneak in...
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    Re: 2011 NFL predix

    halfway there (living on a prayer)
    surprises: Lions, Bills...Bengals?...and how bout them 49ers
    Disappoints: Patriots look pedestrian, Chargers showing little energy, both Missouri teams in good would the ex-Baltimore Colts have been with their qb? guess we'll never know.

    afcEast: if the Jets can take careof bidness home this week I think they'll host a playoff game
    afcNorth: unless the Ben-gals are REALLY good (not just 'really' good) it's the Ravens turn to host a playoff
    afcSouth: Houston welcomes back the NFL playoffs
    afcWest: after last night I think Carson Palmer will lead the silver and black, back.
    WCs; stoolers or Ben-gals will get one, maybe both. probably the Pats. sorry, Buffalo.

    nfcEast: Giants to lose
    nfcNorth: le Pack
    nfcSouth: I still think it's the Saints to lose. Atlanta has progressed but I think they're still a notch behind.
    nfcWest: I think the Niners is already clinched
    WC: probly one from the North (da Bears or da Lions) and one from the South (probly Falcons). really tight wi Lions and Bucs right there.

    who will get Luck-y? whom else but the ex-Baltimore team.
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